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Management of personal information

May's Corporation abides by the law concerning the management of personal information. All customer information is saved in a secure environment. Our main policies concerning the management of personal information are as follows:

  1. May's Corporation will use the personal information obtained from our customers for sending documentation, ordering products, examinations by our finance department, transporting the products, and collecting the money for products that have been bought or leased. We will also use your personal information for important notices concerning contract renewals, inquiries, after-service, sending catalogues/direct mail/questionnaires, information on our products and services by telephone, notifying about sales promotions and events at our showroom.
  2. The personal information May's Corporation manages includes the customer's name, age, date of birth, address, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, and credit card details.
  3. May's Corporation will not use the obtained personal information for any reason other than those stated above. We will not supply such information to a third party other than for the purposes written above. However, this will not apply if we are asked to disclose the information to administrative organizations or law authorities.
  4. May's Corporation will strictly manage the obtained personal information and do our utmost to prevent its misuse to protect our customers' information.

Use of "cookies"

May's Corporation may use cookies on this Website to increase the speed in which it loads in your Internet browser. The data collected through the use of cookies may be used to research the use of our Website. We will not intentionally provide any personal information collected by cookies to a third party, nor use it for any other purpose than marketing.
If you want to avoid information being collected through cookies, you can change the setting on your browser and set it not to use cookies. In this case, please note that you may not be able to use some parts of the services offered through our Website.


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