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About our service

Why Buy, Rent or Lease furniture from MAY’S?

MAY’S has access to over one hundred brands of furniture, appliances, curtains and home wares.
Our experienced Interior Decorators help you select the best furniture to suit your style and budget at no extra charge. Our staff will show you the latest products in catalogues, at the manufacturers’ showrooms and MAY’S Showroom. Whether you are on temporary assignment or relocating, you will find the best furniture and accessories to furnish your home or office. There are new, Ex-Display and Second Hand options available.
We can offer our customers friendly, expert service and choice of quality products. MAY’S expertise stems from more than twenty years of experience supporting individuals, families and businesses in transition.

How fast can you deliver?

Pending payment of the Contract Acceptance Fee, MAY’S can deliver items in stock in as few as 3 days. New orders can be delivered in 1 to 4 weeks.

Can MAY’S deliver my furniture before I arrive?

Yes. If you give us authorization to enter your home, we can have your furniture set up before you arrive.

How much do you charge to furnish a property?

The monthly rate depends upon the number of items you require, the length of lease and the style of furniture you choose.
You can find many leasing sample plans here.

About Lease

How does your rental and lease system work?

You select your furniture, complete a Lease Application Form, provide proof of identification, sign a Contract Acceptance Form acknowledging the Quote, and pay the fee. Just before the start of the lease, sign the Lease Application Form. Delivery is made and you can enjoy your furniture in your new home.
Full details of Renting and Leasing can be found here.

Are there discounts for longer leases?

Yes. The longer the initial lease term, the larger the monthly discount.

What is the Lease Application Form?

The Lease Application Form lists your personal and work details. The data is used to see if you are eligible to have a MAY’S lease.
Download the Lease Application Form here.

What does your Contract Acceptance Fee include?

MAY’S Contract Acceptance Fee includes delivery, assembly and setup, final pickup, the first 3 months lease fee, and the Security Deposit.

When do I get the Lease Contract?

The Lease Contract will be given to you to sign before the beginning of the lease start date. Please check all of the items and details carefully to make sure there are no mistakes and that nothing has been overlooked.

I need sheets, towels and kitchenware. Do you rent home wares?

Yes. We have MAY’S Original home wares, with items for the kitchen, dining room, lounge, bedroom and bathroom.

What if I need to change my order after I sign the Contract Acceptance Form?

Sorry, you cannot change your order after the form is signed and submitted. Our staff is more than happy to spend time assisting you in making the best selection for your home.

What happens if the items are faulty?

If you have any technical trouble with your leased items, please give us a call and we will repair or exchange the items for the first 4 years after the original contract has started. This covers normal wear and tear. Accidental or deliberate damage is not covered.

What happens if the furniture is damaged in an earthquake?

If the leased items have been damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, we will not ask for any payment. But, we will not provide you with substitute items. The contract for the damaged items will be terminated at this point.

What happens if the furniture is damaged by fire or stolen?

In the case of fire or theft, you are responsible for the furniture and the remainder of the lease contract fees. We recommend you have Home Contents Insurance to cover any losses.

What if I need to break my lease?

When you rent, you are signing a contract that commits you for the length of your lease. You can cancel the contract by paying the remainder of the lease fees in full.

When my lease expires, do you pick up my furniture?

No, MAY’S will send a reminder one month before the end date of the lease. Contracts continue month to month until you give notice and schedule your pickup.

Can I charge the payment on my credit card every month?

Yes. MAY’S gives you that option. We also accept Direct Deposit to our bank account.

Is the furniture MAY’S delivers Brand New?

MAY’S offers Brand New, Ex-Display and Second Hand furniture. We have products to suit all tastes and budgets.

Can you assist me with the furniture layout for my home?

Yes, MAY’S experienced Interior Decorators are available to assist you at no extra charge. Simply complete the online Inquiry Form and a Decorator will be in contact to discuss your needs.