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Furniture Lease/
Rental Service

Coordination Plan


  • Consult directly with a dedicated interior coordinator
  • Plans made within budget by choosing products from multiple brands
  • Proposals for a combination of brand-new furniture and end-of-lease products


  • For those who move frequently but don’t want to buy furniture each time
  • For those who wish to live with a fashionable interior
  • For a second house or holiday home

Package Plan


This includes a set of furniture and household appliances, selected mainly from end-of-lease products to meet the needs of customers interested in short-term use (less than a year).


  • For those interested in a short-term use for less than a year

How MAY'S furniture lease


Various durations to choose from
Book a collection for an easy return

Our lease/rental plan is available for various durations to meet the needs of customers: 1, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, and 36 months.
You can return the items easily after the period of use. Simply inform us of the desired date and time of return.
Once your booking has been confirmed, just wait for collection staff to turn up. No big charges for moving means it is advantageous to those who move frequently.

Initial cost up to one quarter

The initial cost for a lease/rental contract can be a quarter of the purchase cost. For example, as opposed to purchasing a range of furniture worth ¥1,000,000, the total initial cost for a lease/rental would be somewhere around ¥200,000, including coordination and delivery fees, deposit, and an initial lease charge. This means that the expenses incurred at the start of furniture lease could be about one fifth of the purchase price.

※The amount may increase depending on the lease period, the amount of compensation, and other factors.

Options of buying or renewing after contracts expire

After the expiration of the contract, you can choose to:
1. Return the items;
2. Buy the items; or
3. Renew the contract for a further period.
(Around two months before the contract expires, we will ask what you would like to do after the contract expires)
Your monthly payment will be almost halved if you wish to renew your contract and continue to use the items.

Service flow



Tell a dedicated coordinator your request.



You’ll receive an interior plan and quotation based on your request.



We’ll arrange your chosen products.



Choose your desired date and time. We’ll take care of deliveries and installations.

Customer reviews

  • Mr.A, company executive(second house in Chiyoda Ward)

    I use MAY'S every few years when moving. I found it a convenient service, it’s so easy to move as I only need to return the leased items.

  • Mr. K, trader (Setagaya-Ku)

    I was lucky to find the Cassina dining table and chairs at a very reasonable price. Although they were end-of-lease products, they were maintained very well and were comparable to brand-new products.

  • Mr.H, company owner (Kanagawa)

    I’m satisfied with my shopping, which was processed quickly. Thank you so much. I was very pleased with the careful checking and attentiveness at the time of delivery as well as the planning.

  • Mr.H, company executive (Minato-ku)

    I was based overseas so communicated with MAY'S by email. I was very anxious until I actually saw the furniture, but the room was exactly how I imagined.

  • Mr. & Mrs. K, (second house)

    I found the coordinator very professional as she was able to implement our ideal lifestyle. We now spend more time in the second house in Tokyo, often inviting friends and holding parties.

  • Mr. & Mrs. S in their 30s

    My wife and I were demanding and particular about what we wanted, but the coordinator listened to us patiently and proposed items of furniture taking safety into consideration for our children.


MAY’S furniture lease/rental service

Q. How is it different from other furniture rental services?

Our service differs from others in that we can propose a combination of brand-new furniture and end-of-lease products.
When purchasing high-end furniture, you can often choose upholstery from various types of leather or fabric and decide detailed specifications.
The brand-new furniture that meets your specific requirements can be combined with affordable, well-maintained end-of-lease products.

Trouble during use

Q. What happens if I stain an item?

You will not be held responsible for small scratches and stains from normal use.
However, you will be charged for stains caused by your negligence, such as cigarette burns and wine stains, as well as any damages that cannot be repaired by cleaning performed as part of maintenance.

Midterm cancellation

Q. If I cancel my contract in the middle of the term, do I need to pay the remaining value of the contract?

In principle, a midterm cancellation cannot be made within the lease period set at the time of the initial contract.
There is a penalty in the case of cancellation.
However, if the contract has been renewed at least once, it can be cancelled by making a payment for the month in which you last use the service.


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